• SGLT2 Inhibitors: Frequently Asked Questions

    To date, management of diabetes has focussed on enhanced insulin secretion or sensitivity to the hormone. An emerging strategy enhances renal elimination of glucose from the body by blocking the SGLT2 transporter.

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    Submit your questions for our endocrinology experts. Spans many key topics: diabetes, thyroid, osteoporosis and lipids.

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  • Interdisciplinary Panel Talks Diabetes

    An expert interdisciplinary panel composed of an endocrinologist and two ophthalmologists discuss the latest diabetes developments

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  • Weathering the Storm

    The latest content from the leading edge CME Forum: The Toronto Primary Care Knowledge Translation Working Group.

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  • Family Medicine Update

    University of Toronto Division of Endocrinology / Banting and Best Diabetes Centre Update in Diabetes and Endocrinology for Family Physicians.

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    A leading edge community for learning and networking in Endocrinology and Diabetes. Join your colleagues and get connected! 

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Ask the Experts

What is the mechanism of action (MOA) of SGLT2 inh
What are are the effects of blocking this transporter? ...
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Posted on Sunday, May 12 2013, 04:30 PM
Lantus Dosing for Shift Work
I am having difficulty controlling my blood sugar while working night shifts (19...
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Posted on Tuesday, November 03 2015, 04:55 AM
Testosterone and Dopamine
I started having high testosterone around the age of 11, and I started having de...
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Posted on Saturday, April 19 2014, 05:53 PM
Insulin Injection Tips?
Hello, I have a client contd to self titrate his Lantus insulin at HS, and c...
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Posted on Wednesday, March 05 2014, 03:02 PM